TOKO Side Angle World Cup 87°

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Zorgt voor een precieze geleiding voor een schone, vlijmscherpe staalkant. Gefreesd uit hoogwaardig aluminium. Deze Side Angle wordt gebruikt door professionals in de Alpine World Cup.


The TOKO Side Angle World Cup series offers four different file holders, each designed to cater to specific skiing skill levels and preferences:

  • TOKO Side Angle World Cup 89°: This file holder provides a shallower side angle of 89°, making it suitable for beginners or skiers who prioritize ease of turning and maneuverability over aggressive edge grip.
  • TOKO Side Angle World Cup 88°: The 88° version offers a slightly steeper side angle, suitable for intermediate to advanced skiers who desire a balance between edge hold and maneuverability.
  • TOKO Side Angle World Cup 87°: With a more moderate 87° side angle, this file holder is perfect for advanced skiers who seek precise edge grip and control while still maintaining versatility.
  • TOKO Side Angle World Cup 86°: The 86° model features the steepest side angle in the series, making it ideal for expert skiers or racers who demand aggressive edge hold and performance at high speeds.

Choose the TOKO Side Angle World Cup file holder that aligns with your skiing experience and goals, and experience the benefits of professional-level edge tuning for enhanced performance and enjoyment on the slopes.