Spark R&D T1 Step Lockers

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The option to lock your heel while touring helps you better adapt to diversified terrain types where quick descents, side stepping, and skate-splitting become more effective means of backcountry travel. This season we’re bringing out a brand new Step Locker design that allows you to step in to lock.


  • Rotate lever to locked position, then step down to lock heel
  • Heel stays locked until you rotate the lever out of the way to the unlocked position
  • Locker held securely in both locked and unlocked positions
  • Plastic lock bar won’t wear binding baseplates
  • Locker assembly screws in under heel rest
  • Forward releasable for added safety
  • Now 100% made in-house at Spark R&D
  • Compatible with all Tesla T1 bindings (Men’s and Women’s Arc &
  • Surge including Pro models, as well as the T1 Burton Hitchhiker)