Spark R&D Solid Board Pucks

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Spark R&D has the quiver game dialed with their Solid Board Pucks, because let’s face it, sometimes you’re just not on your split. Great for solid board mountaineering or snowmo-boarding. Perfect for trips where you are traveling with multiple boards or days when you may see a mix of resort riding and splitting. You may have a quiver of boards, but you only need one set of bindings.



+/- 1/4 inch (6.5mm) of toe/heel centering adjustment in .08 inch (2.1mm) increments. - 12° to +30° angle adjustments in 3° increments, covering everyone from jibbers to trench diggers. Stance width adjustable in .2 inch (5mm) increments.


Spark Solid Board Pucks can be used with 4x2 insert and channel boards. Works with all puck compatible splitboard bindings.