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Korua Classic

Korua's Classic line grew out of a deep appreciation for turning on snow. As the name suggests, this line consists of tried-and-tested shapes, built with durable materials and designed to enable riding perfect turns. This is a collection of easy-to-ride snowboards that share the ability to carve exceptionally well on groomers and excel in powder. Each shape having its own particular strengths.

Korua Plus

Korua's all-black Plus Line stands for additional quality and performance. By merging the most premium materials with some of our favourite shapes, we aim to build the best snowboards possible.

Korua Concept

Korua's Concept line is a creative outlet to explore and implement unconventional ideas of shape design, with the aim of fostering progression free from any kinds of restrictions or limitations.

Korua Splitboards

Korua's Developing split versions was a natural progression as Korua's interest for a more sustainable solution to snowboarding grows. Getting to the top of the hill is an essential part of snowboarding. The human powered, more subtle and quiet approach is splitboarding, which offers a more quality experience and appreciation for your earned turns.