Holmenkol OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish

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Unlock the true potential of your ski performance with the Holmenkol OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish. This innovative steel brush is designed to provide you with professional-grade ski tuning results. With its oval shape and microfinish bristles, it effortlessly removes imperfections and enhances the structure of your ski bases, ensuring optimal glide and control on the slopes. The compact and ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand, allowing for comfortable and precise application. Elevate your ski tuning game with the Holmenkol OvalBrush Steel MicroFinish and experience the thrill of flawlessly tuned skis on every run.


  • World Cup proven ultra-fine steel brush to completely reveal the structure.
  • Excellent handling through a large hand contact surface and holding strap.
  • Removes all wax residues deep inside the structure Increases speed.
  • Optimal for finish products