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Flow NX2-GT 18/19

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  • Flow NX2-GT
  • Flow NX2-GT

Flow NX2-GT 18/19

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Flex Stijf
Indicatie van het ideale terrein waarin dit board het beste presteert
Carve, Freeride
Geschikt voor Burton Channel Nee
Binding Systeem Rear-Entry

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The NX2-GT is the ultimate performance binding. The aluminium base is superlight and extremely responsive. Underneath the base is a thin layer of OC Kush added for extra dampening and comfort. The highback had 2 zones that are made from aluminium and carbon. A thick strap adds comfort and support. In a nutshell this binding is the pinnacle of comfort and performance. Suited for every intermediate or expert shredder.



The Flow NX2 bindings have an aluminium baseplate. The benefit of aluminium is that its light but strong. This added response improves turn initiation and overall control. This baseplate is rockered which means that the baseplate is able to move and tilt with the natural movement of the board and rider. The aluminium Modback highback consists out of 2 zones: a lower and an upper zone. Having 2 zones allows for a more specific tuning of flex and materials. The Alu modbacks are built from aluminium which causes the highback to be stiffer and more responsive. The counterpart is the GF-Nylon Modback which is softer and therefore more lively and playful.

  • Aluminum Alloy Rockered Baseplate

  • Aluminum Alloy ModBack Highback

  • Active Strap Technology


The binding are equipped with bankbeds. The bankbeds are EVA footbeds that are canted 2.5 degrees. Canted footbeds create a better fit and add support by releasing pressure from the knees. The highback is equipped with an EVO-C9 supportpanel top section. This panel wider and stiffe, the slight curve fits tightly around the calve. The Nylon/carbon construcion is extremely stiff and responsive.
This binding has Fusion straps. The Fusion strap is a 3D strap that is positioned over the midfoot. The major advantage of this strap is large surface area that covers the foot. The large strap has an optimal pressure distribution which equals less effort to move the binding and board.

  • Fusion strap

  • Locking Slap Ratchets

  • 2.5º Canted BankBeds

  • N-Gel Toe&Heel + Basepad Cushioning


The Flow NX2 is a rear-entry binding equipped with N.A.S.T.Y. (New Active Strap Technology). This construction uses a of axis lever to tilt the strap up and forward when push the highback down. The creates a larger area to enter and makes stepping in extremely easy. The new Locking Slap Ratchet (LSR) are made to work like a regular buckle. This makes it possible to lock and enter the binding with a rear-entry system as well as strapping in just like a regular binding. Flow bindings us an aluminium offset multidisc which can be mounting on any type of snowboard (including Burton Channel).

  • Aluminum Offset MultiDisk (4HP+3HP+Channel)

Flow Bindings Sizechart
 US MenUK EUR Mondo 
S 13 youth - 4.5 13 youth - 3.5 31.5 - 36 19 - 22.5
M 6 - 10 3.5 - 7.5 36 - 41.5 22.5 - 26.5
L 7.5 - 11.5 6.5 - 10.5 40 - 45 25.5 - 29.5
XL 10.5 - 11.5 9.5 - 14 44 - 49.5 28.5 - 32.5

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