Contour Hybrid Splitboard Skin 135mm

€ 185,00
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De Contour Hybrid mix splitboardvellen zijn de perfecte allrounders. Het gemengde mohair pluche zorgt voor maximale duurzaamheid en goede glijprestaties. En dankzij de hybride lijmtechnologie zijn ze supermakkelijk in gebruik.


  • Mix

The grip and glide with a Hybrid mix is a combination of Mohair and Nylon. The consistency is ussually 65% Mohair and 35% Nylon. The combination means a perfect balance between durability, glide and grip.

  • Hybrid Adhesive

Hybrid technology is a climbing skin adhesive consisting of two different layers. The first layer holds the skin in place on your skis even in the coldest circumstances. This layer also makes it very easy to remove the skin from the skis with leaving any sticky glue behind.

The second layer makes sure that this first adhesive layer has a strong and durable connection with the grip and glide layer of the skin. Durability is very important when you make serious tours in the backcountry. After years of use this adhesive side remains strong and sticky.

  • Trimmer

This skin comes with a special trim tool to cut your skins.

  • Fitting

It’s one of the seemingly endless questions we ask to challenge the status quo of climbing skin design. Skins that cover the entire base of your skis are overkill and heavy. Most of your skin’s grip comes from just under the binding while fabric on the tip and tail creates unnecessary drag. Exposed ski base and alternative materials can significantly improve glide and efficiency without affecting that all-important grip.


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