Kessler Alpine allflex 23/24

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Profiel Camber
Stijl Alpine
Vorm Directional
Flex Stijf

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Geen enkel ander board heeft op internationale evenementen meer medailles of titels gewonnen dan de Kessler Alpine. Snowboardprofessionals over de hele wereld waarderen de stabiele grip en de controle die onder alle omstandigheden wordt geboden dankzij de Kessler Shape-technologie. De Alpine biedt gemakkelijke controle tijdens tijdens wedstrijden, maar ook tijdens freestyle carven op ijzig terrein. Zodra je eerste bocht is gemaakt, voel je je op je gemak, op welk niveau je ook zit. Ambitieuze carvers zijn dol op de The Alpine! Dit board komt met All-flex insert voor als je echt prestatiegericht bezig bent.



  • Camber with Clothoide tail & tip rocker


  • Clothoid Sidecut

An important component of the legendary KST is the sidecut which is based on a clothoid geometrical formula. This optimal geometry defines the radii on the board or ski with pin point accuracy. These can then be accessed by the rider by tilting the ski or board without force. The more the ski or board edges, the further the front contact point moves to the nose, and respectively, the back contact point to the tail. In this way, the rider can intentionally choose the radius that occurs at the point that is edging and actively determines the curve. The further forward the contact point lies, the tighter the turn possible. When carving, this provides riders with an essential advantage over traditional skis and snowboards where often the material defines the course.


  • Optimized K.Tec F Woodcore

Woodcore specifically created by Kessler. Durable and strong combination made from poplar, beech and bit of fir wood.


  • Sandwich Titanal Construction

Multiple Titanium layers to ensure that the board rides smoothly and has torsional stiffness. It provides stability at speed, strength and damping.


  • Sintered Base

Fully sintered black race base, higher molecular weight with small amount of PTFE (Teflon) mixed into the base. This makes it harder, faster and stronger.


  • ABS Sidewalls

Provides enhanced durability while keeping the core safe from moisture.


Kessler The Alpine allflex 23/24 Sizechart
Size (cm) 156 162 168 171 180 185
Tip Width 258 mm 264 mm 268 mm 248 mm 250 mm 251 mm
Waist 195 mm 200 mm 202 mm 195 mm 200 mm 202 mm
Tail 241 mm 246 mm 250 mm 232 mm 232 mm 233 mm
Side cut range 7-11 m 7-12 m 8-12 m 9-16 m 11.5-19 m 12-21 m
Recommended stance 460 mm 500 mm 500 mm 480 mm 500 mm 500 mm
Stance range (mm) 420-500 460-540 460-540 440-520 460-540 460-540
Rider weight 55-75 kg 65-95 kg 65-95 kg 55-80 kg 60-85 kg 75-100 kg
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